IBC 2019 review!

October 21, 2019

IBC 2019 exhibition was successfully completed. GL showed the following exhibits on site, which aroused great interest from guests.

IBC 2019 review!

- CCT 2600K-6600K LED 800W Space Light(800W Tungsten & 800W Daylight)with TLCI>97 For Film and Studio Lighting.

- HMI Fresnel Replacement 450w Led Fresnel Ligh High TLCI/CRI> 96

- 200W/100W Bi-color Led Fresnel Light with High TLCI/CRI

- Portable 70W/50W Led Fresnel Light with Sony V-mount Plate for outdoor shooting

- high output LED Soft Light Panel 120W/100W/180W for Studio Lighting

IBC 2019 review!